2018 Show Schedule

Kiss the bride

April 6th -7th 7:00pm
April 8th 2:00pm
April 13th-14th 7:00pm
April 15th 2:00pm

Feb 15th @ 6pm & 17th @ 10am

Frank’s Life

June 22nd -23rd 7:00pm
June 24th 2:00pm
June 29th-30th 7:00pm
July 1st 2:00pm

April 19th @ 6pm & 21st @ 10am

Little Shop Of Horrors

Sept 21st-22rd 7:00pm
Sept 23rd 2:00pm
Sept 28th-29th 7:00pm
Sept 30th 2:00pm

April 20th @ 6pm & April 22nd @ 2pm

A Tuna Christmas

Nov 30th – Dec 1st, 6th-8th
Dinner Served at 6:00pm with show to follow.

September 13th @ 6pm & 15th @ 10am