The Old Princeton Theatre

Princeton Theater Rennovations


  • Taking down the movie screen
  • The dividing wall is down showing two first floor screens
  • Exposing old balcony structure
  • Original plaster ceiling
  • west balcony structure
  • West wall is exposed
  • The original stage is exposed
  • Stage
  • old columns framing the stage
  • looking to the front from the stage
  • East balcony
  • Extending the original stage forward 6 feet
  • Interior steel framing goes up
  • more interior framing
  • Framing back wall of auditorium
  • looking at stage from entry doors
  • Stage extension
  • Framing continues
  • The basement dressing rooms
  • Ceiling steel is going up
  • Old picture of the left stage wing
  • Dry wall goes up on back wall of the stage
  • Cry wall goes up on back wall of auditorium
  • Back wall showing light and sound control rooms
  • Back wall and columns get their dry wall
  • Standing what will be new lobby looking at concession window
  • Hallway leadinm to a restroom
  • seating risers going in
  • Pouring concrete for the theatre floor
  • Laying tile in restrooms

March 18, 2014 

Drum Roll, please. That’s right, we are finally going to get the Princeton Theatre renovations off and running. We entered a contract with Danco Contractors and we should see some exciting things happening very soon. Thanks to everyone in the community for the continued support. This would have never happen without all of you! Stay tuned for details.



March 28, 2014

We have a construction meeting today. We meet with the construction supervisor at the Theatre for a tour and discussion on how things are going. We will have these meetings every two weeks, until the project is completed. Pictures will be posted afterwards.



April 23, 2014

Interior demolitions has started in the theatre. These shots were taken at various angles while standing in what was once the concession area. Notice the exposed ceiling and walls of the original theatre.



April 30, 2014

Three photos taken inside the Princeton Theatre today. The first one is standing in front of the screen on the first floor of the west theatre and the second is standing in the east theatre. Both shots are facing north toward the entry on Broadway. The third shot is taken from the entry off of Broadway looking south into the theaters. We had good news all around today. The asbestos abatement cost will be much less than is typical for a building this age and size. Also, the exposed plaster ceiling is in very good condition considering everything the building has endured over the years. The plaster is anywhere from 1 to 2 inches thick in the building. It will take some patching and fixing but all in all the ceiling is in pretty good shape. The Demo guys said whoever built the original structure planned on keeping it around for a long time.



May 20, 2014

The center wall is removed from the first floor theatre exposing the art deco design on the original ceiling. This fabric was the wall covering below the chair railing in the original theatre. The middle picture displays the steel superstructure of the original balcony.



June 2, 2014

Pictures of today’s construction tour. The original stage is now exposed and all that remains in the demo process is the framework and decking of the balcony.


Dec. 9, 2014

Construction is right on schedule.  The drywall is near 100 % completion and the painting crews will start on the ceilings of the auditorium this week.  All electrical and mechanical installations are ongoing and on schedule.  The estimated time for completion for all major portions of the project is mid April with a target date of early May for final check off.



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